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Hello wonderful people.
I’m in the middle of completing an application to extend my spouse visa to live in the UK with my wife and i have several specific questions.
I was lucky enough to get my original visa (with loads of help from joppa, bev, yousafzai, etc... thank you so much!!) before the new rules came into effect.
I’ve held the visa for 2 years now and the expiry date is rapidly approaching at the end of this month.
The reason I’m extending the visa instead of applying for Indefinite Leave to Remain is that my wife and spent just over a year in Spain from July 2012 to the beginning of August 2013.
A lawyer has advised us that since I have exceeded the normal amount of days outside the country during the time I’ve held the visa, I would possibly be refused ILR.
So we have decided to play it safe and get the extension, build back up enough presence in the country to then apply for ILR in a years time.
With that in mind, I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me out with several specific questions I have about the visa extension form FLR(M).

I’ve put them in order here as they occur on the application. Any light you wonderful, helpful people might be able to shed on this would be greatly appreciated.

page 6. Is this your first passport?
do previous passports that have expired count? do i need to declare a previous passport from the same country,name,etc.. that expired previously or do they mean passports under different names or countries?

page 9. section 3.9 How long has my wife lived at this address?
She's lived here most of her life apart from 4 years in the USA and one year in Spain. there is no room to explain this, so do I just write in the date that she and her parents originally moved here?

page 13. Under what category was I issued a visa?
I know it was a spouse settlement visa. is this my answer? i ask because of the specific jargon used; "category". i can't find my "category" anywhere.

page 14. sections 6.7/6.8 when did we begin living together/how long have we been living together in a relationship?
obviously, we havent spent every month of every year together and we've had to live apart a few times, so do i just mark it from the first time we lived together and ignore the time we spent apart? (we've lived together for a vast majority of the time and still do)

page 15. section 6.9 have you lived together in the uk since your last grant of leave to remain as a partner?
we havent because we've lived in spain. but we've been together. if i answer no, i'm prompted to answer why we've lived apart. it mentions nothing of living outside of the UK together.

page 17. section 6.23 what type of ceremony?
what do i put to say we were married legally in a non-religious ceremony in a courthouse in washington dc?

page 18. section 6.33 do we share any financial responsibilities?
at the moment, none that i can think of. we have a joint bank account and when we move into our own flat, we will share rent and bills. does this count? and is there anything important i might be overlooking or need to say?

page 27. section 7.5 does a relative regularly give you money?
My wife’s parents help us out occasionally if we need cash at the moment, and they often purchase food to share with us. does any of this count?

page 29 and 30 section 7C THIS QUESTION IS IMPORTANT.
we currently live with my wife’s parents. is this okay? will it count against us? we can get a letter from them saying we are welcome to live there without paying any rent until we find our own place in manchester.

page 34. section 9.4 chart regarding previous fingerprinting in the USA for my visa biometrics
they ask for "place at which they were taken" and "british diplomatic post if they were taken abroad". they were taken at an application support center in alexandria, virginia, usa.
i don't know which box to put this information in.

page 42. section 12. THIS IS ALSO IMPORTANT
"specified evidence of meeting the financial requirement, or if not required to meet the income threshold element, evidence of your finances including; bank statements, building society savings books, payslips, or other formal documents as evidence of you and your partner's ability to maintain and accommodate yourselves without recourse to public funds."
we do not have much money in the bank at all. i am working at just over 13 pounds an hour and am doing about 19-20 hours a week, so i exceed that minimum income a solictor quoted previously (112.55 pounds per week). but i started work at the beginning of this month, so i have no payslips to show it. what do we do? would a letter from my work signed by my line manager explaining my situation do the job?

page 44 section 12C
the wording is confusing. first they say "unmarried and same sex partners (and any spouse or civil partner who has completed 2 years' leave in that category but is applying for an extension of stay rather than indefinite leave to remain)"
then it says "if you are applying as an unmarried or same sex partner, or if you answered no to question 5.1 and are applying for an extension of stay although you have completed or nearly completed 2 years' leave to enter or remain in the uk as a partner, in addition to the relevant documents in subsection 12A, you must provide..." the problem is, i answered "yes" to question 5.1....we’re not unmarried or same-sex… i dont know what to do here... must i provide what they ask for?

I apologise for all the super specific questions. I hope someone can help us out at least with a few of these. Thanks for your patience and for at the very least reading this.
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