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Hello There,

I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice, or so?

My girlfriend and I are looking at Countries to go to, intitally to visit, but with the possibility of setting up roots.

My Girlfriend is Icelandic and I'm Scottish.
She has recently finished her Master in Food Science and we are looking at options on where to live, initally we lived in Iceland for 3 years, and I moved back to Scotland for the last year, but we are now looking at hitting the groudn running in 2010 and many options of countries are on our list, we haven't ruled out any haha, but Canada looks appealing as well, but was wondering if anyone on here had details of how difficult/hard it is to get a job in Canada as a food scientist, or if there is a demand for them?

I don't hold a degree, but I've been working with the ambulance service for a good few months in Scotland, so I'm assuming that we might to get married in order for me to be eligable to move out there. I've also been looking at studying Nursing, or Teaching and that is an option to do as well abroad.

If anyone has any tips on careers in Food Science, and if there is a few of them out there in Canada, would be very grateful. Or, even any websites as such that give further information, I've had a search on the net but found it quite difficult to find job sites.

Many thanks in advance,
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