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Hello there,

Thank you for taking your time and reading this,

Please I need your guidance regarding correspondence and supporting documents for FLRM Extension Visa Application,

I arrived in UK in June 2018, and planned to apply FLRM in mid March '21,

So far my issues is I have a very limited correspondence myself (only bank statements, pension and few letter from HMRC), Although I do have plenty of payslips. Please find our correspondance as per below:

Residence in UK:

July 2018: HMRC – Tax calculation (Partner)

August 2018: Council Tax 2018 (Joint)

August 2018: Pension registration letter (Applicant)

November 2018: Natwest Bank Statement (Joint)

Feb 2019: Utility Warehouse Bills (Joint)

April 2019: P60 (Applicant)

April 2019: Pension Registration (Applicant)

May 2019: NatWest Bank Statement (Joint)

July 2019: HMRC – Tax Calculation (Partner)

July 2019: Pension Registration (Applicant)

July 2019: Council Tax (Joint)

August 2019: NatWest Bank statement (Joint)

January 2020: Pension Statement (Applicant)

February 2020: NatWest Bank statement (Joint)

April 2020: P60 (Applicant)

May 2020: NatWest Bank Statement (Joint)

August 2020: NatWest Bank Statement (Joint)

November 2020: NatWest Bank Statement (Joint)

December 2020: NHS Letter (Partner)

February 2021: Council Tax (Joint)

February 2021: Bank Statement (Applicant)

February 2021: Vehicle Tax Reminder (Partner)

I can understanad I need to take out few documents, although regarding joint documents, we only have as per above, any comments on how could I arrange it to meet the threshold/requirements?

Thank you,
All the best, KC
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