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Hi all,
Thankyou for support and help from this forum .
Still i got couple of things i want to clarify myself before i go for applying for visa-
i want to go for premium service so how mny days before i need to book for appointment if my visa expires on sept12?
for bills can i have a letter from landlord as a support for application as we pay to him ?amd we dont have any bills on your name and got only one water bill only for this year as we started paying it from this year?
Does tenancy agreement should state the years on it?2015-2018 like that?does it should be on both the names?
We got a joint account from april of this year but havent done any transaction-still cam we keep it?
So in total on my name
il have only waterbill-from 2017 march
gp letter-all 2.5 yrs
bank statements on my name from 2015
joint account on both from 2017 april but no statements because of no transactions
college letter from university_a government source
HM revenue last year one.
telephone bills-only 6 months latest
Is this enough for correspondence on my name as aplicant?
I will attach some pictures from uk also and marriage certificate and english naric
by sponser will attach bank statements,dvla,telephone bills ,passport ,photos.

Anything else im missing can you please guide us.

Thank you
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