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My wife is applying for the FLR (M) application in person through the premium service, we have looked over the forms and got a couple of questions we would like clearing up before feeling safe about submitting this application.

1) We have already payed online as we are doing the 1 day premium service, do we still need to fill in any of the information on the Payments detail page?

2) Question 3.3 on the form is: "Nationality - Please indicate if your sponsor has dual nationality or if they have ever held any other nationality or nationalities"

and 3.4 is "Please provide details of any other nationality or nationalities your sponsor holds, or has ever held"

I am slightly confused how to fill out these questions, 3.3 has more appropriate space for me to put down what my nationalities are but it seems to only ask if to put something like "dual nationality" while 3.4 seems to be asking me to write down what the nationalities are, am I reading these wrong?

3) Questions 6.7 asks "When did you start living together in your relationship?"
We lived together before in 2010 for 9 months, and then now again recently since February before we got married, do we state we also lived together in 2012 or only put the recent dates?

4) I read other posts and people talk about having copies of documents, however a lot of my documents such as bank statements and payslips are printed since they are all online so they are in a way already copies, do I still need to provide copies of them or should I only copy things that I have the physical original for such as council tax ?

5) Do we need to provide messages/texts to show we been communicating since she arrived in the country even though we are living together?

6) We only been living together for a few months and we are only married for less then a month so we don't have a lot of bills under both our names, would that be an issue?

7) Lastly, this is how my checklist is looking so far, is there anything I am missing?

Applicant and Sponsor Documents

Her Passport
My Passport
2 Current Passport size photos from her and 1 From me
The Application Form
Application Payment Sheet
Immigration Health Surcharge completion Email

Financial Requirement Category A

Letter from Employment 1
6 months Payslips From employment 1
6 months Bank Statements showing payment of employment 1 going into Bank account 1
P60 From Employment 1
Letter from Employment 2
6 months Payslips from Employment 2
6 months bank statement showing payment of employment 2 going into bank account 2
P60 From Employment 2


Council Tax letter in both our names
House Insurance letter in both our names
Solicitor letter confirming house purchase in my name
NHBC Letter asking about my house in my name
House builders letter confirming purchase in my name

Proof of Marriage

Marriage Certificate
Photos of us during wedding
Other Photos across our relationship

Is there anything I am missing or anything that is not required for the application?

All help is appreciated.


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1 - I left those pages blank, but did place a post-it note that said, "pre-paid online, see receipts"
2 - On 3.3 I wrote "British", on 3.4 I wrote "None". You can write whatever you need and just leave one blank space. If you can't fit your answer in 3.4, you can write see attached and put an extra sheet at the back. Or make another copy of the page and just fill in additional nationalities and attach the page to the back.
3 - Put the date from when you most recently moved to the UK on a legal visa status
4 - I made a copy of everything and they kept all my copies, along with the original application.
5 - No
6 - No, just provide some evidence for the sponsor since you have lived together and if you have anything for the applicant, but they aren't expecting much at this point on the first FLR(M)
7 - You will need your appt. booking confirmation, the rest is basically what I just provided and we were approved with no problem.

Good luck.
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