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Hi all, my husband had his PEO FLR(m) appointment last week, and thankfully, everything went great and he got his visa. I've been looking through these forums whilst preparing for the appointment and it has helped me immensely, so I thought I'd write down what happened and what we did to help someone else. :)

So, we'd booked our appointment in September and had the printout of the payment sheet, therefore not having to fill the payment section in (seems obvious, but when your heads full of all the flr(m) questions nothing makes sense!!), we'd booked it for 1pm at the Sheffield office.

  • FLR(m) Form with photos
  • Passports x 3 (2 of my husbands & 1 of mine)
  • Biometric Card
  • 6 x bank statements and 6 x payslips (husbands in one plastic wallet)
  • 6 x bank statements and 6 x payslips (mine in another plastic wallet)
  • Marriage Certificate
  • MBA Certificate (no transcripts, just the award)
  • Work Contract x 2 (Mine and husbands)
  • My Deed Poll Letter
  • Accommodation Documents - (now this was a different one as we don't currently live together. Once my husband gets a transfer he is moving in with me. I live with my mum, so we asked her write a letter stating she rents the house and allows for me and my husband to live in the home rent free. We also included bills on my mums name (council tax, electric and water bill, plus the tenancy agreement))
  • Relationship Evidence - photos, train tickets, phone bills, hotel receipts, bills of our wedding rings
  • We also included a joint savings account statement to show our shared financial responsibility.

As I mentioned, my husband hasn't moved in yet, as his company haven't finalised the transfer, so we just filled in the form that he is waiting for a transfer. We thought this would be an issue, but they didn't ask us anything about it, all the lady said was we need to start living together for the application 2 and a half years later.

  • So, the appointment was at 1pm, we got ther 12.15pm, went through security which lasted 5 mins if that, got a ticket with a number at reception and showed them the payment sheet.
  • Just before 1pm, we were called the booth and we gave the form to the gentleman. He took the form and said my husband will be called for his biometric fingerprints in a while.
  • About 45mins later, my husband was called and his fingerprints and photo was taken. The lady was really nice, she took our folder full of documents and said our case will now be looked at and we will be informed.
  • About 45mins-1hour later, the caseworker called us to the booth and said our case is being looked at and a decision would be made in about 30mins and we were free to go for some fresh air, which we did. 30mins later we came back and sat waiting to be called.
  • About 3.30pm, we were called again by the case worker and she told us everything is fine and my husband will receive his BRP in 7 working days.

Needless to say we were over the moon to hear this and sat looking at the letter. One thing we saw was that my husbands correspondance address was wrong, (the address on the letter was a REALLY old one and not written in the form anywhere) so we went back and told the same lady. She said thats the same one on the system, so we were left wondering if they even checked the form at all!!!! Anyway, address was changed and we are now awaiting the BRP to come through the post.

Everyones case is different, but thought I'd post ours too, just incase someone is in a similar situation. If anyones got any questions, I'll definitely try and answer them to help. :)
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