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I am looking forwards to apply spouse visa. I have read a lot from this forum and still learning how to apply in coming months. This is our status.

My soon to be wife (UK born citizen), is a house wife therefore no-income.
We have no children.
Im non-UK, working in UK with full time Tier 2 (General) visa.
My initial entry visa is: Tier 4 (2008)> Tier 1 Post Study (2011)> Tier 2 (General)
I am earning £40'000 per-annum.
I have two P60 from year 2014 and 2015 from my current employer.
I have my monthly payslip of the 2 years working duration.
I have my work contract.
I have a letter of acknowledgement from my employer stating my job title, time start of employment, home address and date of birth.

-Since my partner is not working am I eligible to apply any of it?
-Do I apply this as Category A or Category B?

I just bought a 3 bedroom flat, just moved in a month ago.
Bills are under my name in that new flat.
Now my partner is staying with her parents.
Will be staying with me soon.
Therefore no details of same address in joint names.
I notice I need to include 6 items correspondence to me and my partner (joint name)
or 12 items if not joint name
or an explanation if its not covered in 2 years period.

-How do I process this? (Need help)

-Since its our first time applying, is showing marriage certificate sufficient?
or Do I need to present say 10-15 pictures of us/or any documents?

- I notice there is another form FLR(FP) for 'Family life as a partner (10 year route)'
that does not need financial requirement. Comparing both FLR(M) FLR(FP), which is safest bet to apply?

Really thanks in advance for any helpful thoughts on my issue.
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