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Hi there

First of all, sorry it is a very long post for sole trader Cat F success.

I got my FLR (M) yesterday at the Liverpool Premium Service Centre.

My appointment was booked for 10:00, but we arrived at 09:00. Had to go through security and was then handed a number and told to wait to be called.

They have screens where it shows the different stages of the appointment, 1st is check in, (that's when you hand in all your documents), then you are told to wait to be called again. (At this stage the screen will show your number under casework). When you get called again you are given a form and your current passport and told to wait to be called for biometrics.

I was nearly 2 hours since arriving that I was called for biometrics. The lady who took my biometrics gave me my passport and the form that I was given to take to her back, and she said to hand it in at one of the main counters. She also said to wait to be called again as someone will have a look at the biometrics and then confirm it was all okay and then we can go off somewhere and come back in about 90 minutes or so.

We were never called over to confirm the biometrics was okay, so we just ended up waiting for our number to be called, noticed that some numbers after us were called to caseworkers desks and asked to confirm details about employment etc.

Much later our number got called by the caseworker and she had a question regarding my husband's bank statements. (He switched business accounts halfway through the tax year and they just wanted to clarify that) Good thing we stayed. The caseworker then commented that she was really impressed by the structure and layout of my application and it was one of the best she had seen. We were told to go back to the waiting area then.

After waiting a total of 4 hours and 23 minutes we got called to a different desk to be handed a letter (thought it might be refusal letter, as never got letters before when applying for visa) We were told that everything was successful and that BRP will be sent by courier ( interestingly enough, they told us that the DVLA does it).

I know it can be dead boring and nerve wrecking waiting for hours in the centre, but I highly recommend it because if they need to ask you any questions, you are there and it will speed things up a bit) Also if you exit the building, you have to go through security again and we noticed that past 11am it got busier with people waiting to go through security.

Also, make sure you have all your bank statements, evidence to back up whatever you say in your application form, as while we were there I couldn't help overhearing caseworkers asking some applicants very grilling questions about how they can evidence that they meet the financial requirement or can support themselves (depending on case and visa applied for) and some of them simply didn't have enough bank statements or whatever documents to prove it, so the caseworkers kept asking the same questions, saying that they were saying one thing, but their documents or lack thereof paints a different picture.

The exact order of my documents: ( in big box file, dividers dividing different sections of paperwork):

Sponsor's past and current passports
Applicant's past and current passports
2 passport photo's of applicant
1 passport photo of sponsor

Appointment confirmation
payment confirmation
IHS number
application form

South African unabridged marriage certificate
South African abridged marriage certificate ( hand written one)
South African marriage register entry copy (hand written one)

Evidence of cohabitation:
Every council tax bill issued from 2015 including latest one (showing both our names)
Untied Utilities ( a few bills -in both our names)
Bank statements of applicant
Edf bills in applicant's name
Bank letters for sponsor
Electoral role registration for sponsor
NHS letters for sponsor

Financial documents- cat F
Sponsor's letter explaining the nature of self employment sole trader and client's details and which documents evidence financial requirement.
(a) Evidence of the amount of tax payable, paid and unpaid for the last full financial year. (from HMRC)
(i) Annual self-assessment tax return to HMRC (print-out from the internet); -net profit before tax allowance or tax - £24 555
(ii) Statement of Account (SA302).- from HMRC
(c) Proof of registration with HMRC as self-employed if available. -from HMRC
(d) Each partner's Unique Tax Reference Number (UTR) and/or the UTR of the partnership or business. - from HMRC
Letter from both banks confirming sponsor's account details and that he received payment each month into the account from his client ( listing their details also)
(e) Where the person holds or held a separate business bank account(s), bank statements for the same 12-month period as the tax return(s). -from August 2016-august 2017)- only started using second bank account from august last year
(f) Personal bank statements for the same 12-month period as the tax return(s) showing that the income from self-employment has been paid into an account in the name of the person- from April 2016 - august 2016
(g) Evidence of ongoing self-employment through the provision of recent bank statement dated no more than three months earlier than the date of application showing transactions relating to ongoing trading
unaudited accounts for the last full financial year
and an accountant’s certificate of confirmation, from an accountant who is a member of a UK Recognised Supervisory Body (as defined in the Companies Act 2006) or who is a member of the Institute of Financial Accountants; Appendix FM 1.7: Financial Requirement August 2017 63
accountant's invoice

Old and new lease documents that covered full duration of first spouse in uk in both our names

English requirement:
IELTS certificate A2 Life Skills

I had copies of everything apart from the lease and the tax return printout (which they didn't keep, but they kept all other copies)

I also had a file with invoices from the sponsor's client in a folder in the box file, but I don't know if they looked at it, but it can't hurt to include if you have that.

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I had 2 stacks of documents, one for originals and one for copies. They kept the copies.
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