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Hi all!

So I am posting on behalf of my wife who is a Pakistani national here on a spouse visa. We applied for her visa in April 2014 and received this in around February 2015 and she arrived here in April 2015. Her visa is due for renewal and I have some questions regarding the form which I have listed below which I was hoping you will be able to help with!

I have made a list of questions while going through the form and they are below. Please bear with me, it is quite long! But I just want to make sure we get everything right :)

I have printed the section and a question about that section in general where needed otherwise I have printed a specific point and question for that specific point.

Section 1 – Applicant Details

Her marital surname differs to her original surname however her original surname is on the passport.

The 2 points below are related so please read both.

1.5 – Surname or family name

What should go here? Her original surname or her marital surname?

1.7 – Any other name(s) by which you are or have been known

Or should her martial surname go here and not above?

Section 2 – Under which category are you applying for leave?

2.2 – Is this the first time you have applied for a visa or extension of stay in one of the above categories (including previous leave granted as a fiancé(e) or proposed civil partner) with your current sponsor?

I answered no as we already applied for the spouse visa. Is this correct?

Section 3 – Your Sponsor's details

3.9 – How long has your sponsor lived in the UK?

I answered with “since birth”, is this okay or should I put down date of birth?

Section 5 – Immigration History

5.3 – In what category were you granted permission to enter the UK?

Unsure what this should be. I put down spouse visa. When the visa was granted after appeal we got it on humanitarian grounds or similar.

5.8 – Have you ever been refused a visa for any country, including the UK?

I answered yes as the initial application was refused so we had to go through an appeal to get the visa she currently has. Is this correct?

Section 6 – Under which category are you applying for leave?

6.9 – If relevant, have you lived together permanently in the UK with your sponsor since your last grant of limited leave to remain as a partner?

My wife was away on her own in Pakistan for a few weeks, roughly 4/5 weeks. Does this count?

Section 7A – Financial requirement

Regarding my salary, I have a base salary and then have bonuses, should I write my total salary i.e. including my bonuses or just the base?

7.3 – From the list below, please indicate the financial source(s) and the amount of income you and/or your sponsor wish to rely on to meet the financial requirement.

I answered with income from salaried employment and entered the current annual salary in the box, however I am unsure which category to select and what these refer to.

7.3 A (xiv) – What is your/your sponsor’s annual income from your or their current employment before tax (£)?

In here I answered with my base salary figure and then & bonuses. So "£x & bonuses, in total roughly £y". Is this okay?

7.3 A (part of) – You or your sponsor must have been employed by the same employer for 6 months prior to the application and your combined total earnings must meet the specified amount at 7.3A (xiv) for this 6 month period. If not, does you and your sponsors income from salaried employment received in the 12 months prior to application meet or exceed the financial requirement you must meet?

Should I answer this question? I have been employed by my current employer for several years and the combined earnings does meet the amount specified. If I do not have to answer this question then fine otherwise if I do I am assuming I would answer yes, but then that makes me even more dubious to what my answer for 7.3 (xiv) – base salary and bonuses or the total salary (including bonuses). Can you please help?

Section 8 – English Language Requirement

She has a degree which we used when we applied the first time however the form states that: "A person who is applying for leave to remain on the 5 year Partner route after 30 months in the UK with leave to enter or remain on that route, who met the A1 level English language requirement in their previous application, is required to show that they can speak and understand English at A2 level of the CEFR." Would this still suffice or do we require something else as the level required is now A2. I have tried searching the internet and cannot find a whole of information on this. Please advise?

Section 9 – Biometric residence permit

9.14 – Give details where your fingerprints were taken, including the town or city and country

I put down here "VFS Lahore Visa Application Centre, Lahore".

9.15 – Give details of the British diplomatic post(s) involved if the application(s) was or were made abroad

I am unsure what is required here.

Which signature should my wife use? Her signature with her original surname or her marital one?

Photographs and documents checklist

This is where a list of documents and how many are required:

Certificate of degree/PhD for English language requirement and document from UK NARIC if appropriate

If we use her degree as the English language requirement, do we need a document from NARIC?

Documents to show exemption from English Language requirement

Are these the same as for above (Certificate of degree/PhD for English language requirement..) are are these something else?

I will post a list of documents shortly.


Please provide as much information as possible. I am very grateful and appreciate the time and effort you have taken to help us!

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Thanks for that! The answers are in the reply quoted post.

Does anyone have answers for the remainder? How about section 9? I've done some searching and can't find much on this. From what I recall some of the letters regarding the visa were from some embassy or similar so that is probably what I will put in for 9.15.
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