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Hello there,

If anyone could spot any glaring omissions/problems with the following list of documents for my husbands Flr m, I would be very grateful. We're hoping to send if off in the post this week. Just waiting for my final statement before I send it off.

Looking at others list of documents I realise I have over done it on the cohabitation section but any further comments would be welcomed!

List of Contents

Applicant and Sponsor

Flr m application form
Payment form
2 x Photos of applicant
1 x Photo of sponsor
Passport of applicant
Passport of sponsor
Birth certificate of sponsor
Marriage Certificate
Passport and Birth certificates of three children (not part of application)
1 child – Applicant and Sponsor
2 children- Sponsor’s children from a previous relationship

Financial information

Contract from employer
6 months’ payslips
6 months bank statements.
P60 April 2017
P60 April 2016
Letter of employment from employer
Letter confirming change of name of employer.
Letter from the bank confirming account.

English Language Requirement

Trinity College Certificate (July 2017, Level A2)
Old City and Guilds Certificate (Used for entry clearance)


Land registry
Mortgage statement (Jan 2017)
Council tax bill, 2015, 2016, 2017 (See cohabitation)
Accommodation report completed by local council for entry clearance visa.


National Insurance number letter, April - Applicant
Nest Pension letter, Sept - Applicant
HM Revenue and Customs letter, June - Applicant
Sainsbury’s bank letter, July - Sponsor
Esure insurance letter, December – Sponsor
Council Tax letter, May - Joint
Bank Statement, Nov - Joint
Lloyds bank letter, Dec – Joint

Payslip, Jan- Applicant
P60, April – Applicant
Lloyds bank letter, Aug - Applicant
Nationwide letter, Nov- Applicant
Mortgage statement, Jan – Sponsor
British gas letter, July – Sponsor
Bank letter Nov – Sponsor
Council tax letter, Mar- Joint
Tax credit letter, Apr –Joint
Bank statement, Oct – Joint

Bank letter, May – Applicant
Bank statement, July - Applicant
Pensions letter, Aug – Applicant
Home insurance letter, Jan - Sponsor
Water Bill letter, March – Sponsor
Maternity appointment letter Aug – Sponsor
Council Tax letter, Mar - Joint
Tax credit letter, May - Joint
Bank statement, April – Joint

Our daughter’s immunisation letter ( Within 3 months)
Our daughter’s hospital letter (Within 3 months)
Step daughter’s school report (Although no address on these)
Step daughter’s bank accounts statement.

Sponsors/Wife’s first appointment with midwife (to confirm pregnancy)
Applicants work contract and P60 (to prove I have been working and paying tax)
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