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FLR(M) - Confirmation on dates

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Would be very grateful if someone could please confirm that my date calculations for my Wife's FLR(m) are correct?

Arrived in UK on 14/04/2015
30 months from 14/04/2015 is 14/10/2017
28 days before 14/10/2017 is 16/09/2017

Am I correct that 16th September 2017 is the first day she can apply to get her FLR(m) at a premium service centre?

I read that you can book appointments 42 days in advance, so the first day she can apply online and book an appointment for 16th September is 5th August?

Many thanks in advance
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Yes, your calculated date is correct, the 16th Sep is the date she can apply for.

You can book the appointment 42 days before but remember, the date you book online to submit the application is 'the date of application', not the date you're booking the appointment online.
Many thanks for the confirmation. I apologise but I don't fully understand this statement:

You can book the appointment 42 days before but remember, the date you book online to submit the application is 'the date of application', not the date you're booking the appointment online.
Am I right in thinking that if we complete the application online, booking the appointment is all done together? So it means that I can't actually complete the online application or book an appointment until 16th September? In which case it could be up to 42 days after she is eligible to apply before we could get an appointment.
When you book the appointment, you have to pay:

•£590 premium service fee
•the fee for your visa type and
•the healthcare surcharge (IHS)

Once you've completed the above, you can fill your application form and submit online, giving the IHS fee reference number. Make sure you submit your online application before your appointment date.
Sorry but I still don't fully understand. Do you mean that once I start the process online I have to pay for everything before I complete the actual application? That means I can start the process before September? How does that work though if I want to have the appointment on the first day she is eligible if I can't submit the application and attend the appointment on the same day? Sorry for the confusion
As I mentioned earlier, the date you book to submit the application in person is the date of application. So if you went online now and booked the premium service appointment to be on the 16th Sep, in UKVI's record, your application submission date would be the 16th Sep (not today's date).

When you attend the centre on the 16th, either you should've already submitted the online application form or keep the paper version filled and included in the pack.

You could also completed and submit the application now perhaps

I do the postal cos that's very straight forward for me + less complicated questions compared to the online version.
So I think I understand now...

When it gets to 5th August I can book the appointment for the 16th September, and then anytime between those dates I have to complete all the online forms and submit them.

When I go to the appointment date, all evidence has to be dated within 28 days of that date, the 16th

Is that correct?
Some people have failed to get an appointment on the date they wanted and that was purely because all the dates had been booked in. So booking sooner is better.

Yeah that's right but not all the evidences though! It'd be letters, reports such as employment letter, property inspection report etc.
Perfect thanks,

We will try and get the 16th as thats the first day she can apply for it, and the earliest day we can try to book that day is the 5th August as they only open 42 days before hand
Good luck with that :)
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Can I get come clarity on this please:

1. So if I complete and submit the ONLINE form, then the date of the application is the date it is submitted online [and paid for, etc.], yes?

2. Can the date of the premium appointment be LATER than the expiry of the spouse visa ? As I have already submitted the form online within the date of the spouse visa ?

Most of the posts say "NO" but they refer to submitting a paper form on the DATE of the appointment, but in the case of the online form, it is already submitted ?

Thanks again.
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