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FLR (M) Checklist- Moderators Help Please

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We are applying for our FLR (M) visa on 12th September via a premium appointment in Croydon and would appreciate to get feedback of our checklist;

- Completed paper FLR(M) Application Form
- Premium Appointment and payment confirmation Email
- Premium Appointment Booking checklist
- HIS Email Confirmation
- Applicant's current an two previous passports
- Sponsor's current passport
- Applicant's 2 X passport sized photos (name at the back)
- Sponsor's 1 x passport sized photo (name at the back)
- Trinity College English test certificate - Level A2

Financial (applying under Category B, new job started June 2017):
- P60 April 2017
- Previous Employer June 2016 – June 2017 payslips, stamped and signed
- Previous Employer Employer letter confirming employment details and payslips
- Previous Employer Offer Letter
- Previous Employer Employment Contract
- Current Employer June 2017 – August 2017 original payslips
- Current Employer Employer letter confirming employment details
- Current Employer Employment Contract
- HSBC Bank Statements (August 2016 - August 2017)

- Council Tax bill (joint) April 2015
- HSBC Statement (joint) September 2015
- HSBC Statement (applicant) December 2015, British Gas bill (sponsor) November 2015
- Council Tax bill (joint) March 2016
- Solicitor’s letter (joint) August 2016
- HSBC Statement (joint) May-November 2016
- HSBC Statement (applicant), British Gas bill (sponsor) February 2017
- Council Tax bill (Joint) March 2017
- Thames Water (joint) June 2017
- HSBC Statement (joint) July 2017

- Marriage certificate (original)

- Latest Mortgage statement (dated August 2017)
- Land registry title document (obtained online)
- Council tax bill (dated Sep 2017)

Would this suffice? We can add some photos- but we have read mixed comments on whether these are needed?

Please confirm that our correspondence list is alright- we used 3/4 sources each year since arrival in April 2015 and spread these quite close to each other.

Many many thanks for this!! :)
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EDIT: just found the answer to my question so please ignore this. Thanks.
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