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FLR (M) Checklist- Moderators Help Please

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We are applying for our FLR (M) visa on 12th September via a premium appointment in Croydon and would appreciate to get feedback of our checklist;

- Completed paper FLR(M) Application Form
- Premium Appointment and payment confirmation Email
- Premium Appointment Booking checklist
- HIS Email Confirmation
- Applicant's current an two previous passports
- Sponsor's current passport
- Applicant's 2 X passport sized photos (name at the back)
- Sponsor's 1 x passport sized photo (name at the back)
- Trinity College English test certificate - Level A2

Financial (applying under Category B, new job started June 2017):
- P60 April 2017
- Previous Employer June 2016 – June 2017 payslips, stamped and signed
- Previous Employer Employer letter confirming employment details and payslips
- Previous Employer Offer Letter
- Previous Employer Employment Contract
- Current Employer June 2017 – August 2017 original payslips
- Current Employer Employer letter confirming employment details
- Current Employer Employment Contract
- HSBC Bank Statements (August 2016 - August 2017)

- Council Tax bill (joint) April 2015
- HSBC Statement (joint) September 2015
- HSBC Statement (applicant) December 2015, British Gas bill (sponsor) November 2015
- Council Tax bill (joint) March 2016
- Solicitor’s letter (joint) August 2016
- HSBC Statement (joint) May-November 2016
- HSBC Statement (applicant), British Gas bill (sponsor) February 2017
- Council Tax bill (Joint) March 2017
- Thames Water (joint) June 2017
- HSBC Statement (joint) July 2017

- Marriage certificate (original)

- Latest Mortgage statement (dated August 2017)
- Land registry title document (obtained online)
- Council tax bill (dated Sep 2017)

Would this suffice? We can add some photos- but we have read mixed comments on whether these are needed?

Please confirm that our correspondence list is alright- we used 3/4 sources each year since arrival in April 2015 and spread these quite close to each other.

Many many thanks for this!! :)
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Thank you very much for confirming this.

Just another quick question (or 2) re the copies we need to make.

To our understanding these are only made for ourselves- as the documents will be taken along with the applications? So for instance- with the application form and say- bank statements and other bits which we are happy not to take back- we can just scan these to keep for future reference, just in case- but we don't actually need to bring copies of those?

Also- do we need to photocopy our passport pages?

Thank you!
Hello again,

We have read throgh the forum and decided to just make copies of all the documents.

The only question is do we need to photocopy our passports?

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