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Hi there
I am about to book my in person premium appointment with the Home Office and wanted to use this forum to check that I have everything that I need. It has been very useful so far so look forward to getting over the final hurdle!

This is what I currently have:

Completed application form
Applicant letter of introduction (Is this necessary?)
Current passport of applicant
2 passport photo's of applicant
IHS reference number

Husband's passport
Sponsor letter of introduction (is this necessary?)
1 passport photo of sponsor

Evidence of the amount of tax payable, paid and unpaid for the last full financial year.
annual self-assessment tax return to HMRC (a copy or print-out)
Statement of Account (SA302). -
Proof of registration with HMRC as self-employed.
Unique Tax Reference Number (UTR)
HSBC Original Statements from last financial year (April 2014 - 2015) for BOTH me and my husband - as we are relying on our joint income. !QUESTION - how best to mark the payslips to show that the income from self-employment has been paid into an account in the name of the person. I have read that it is not a good idea to highlight original documents so in pencil OK? or post it notes?
Evidence of ongoing self-employment through evidence of payment of Class 2 National
Insurance contributions. ***QUESTION - the proof for this does not fall within last financial year - we paid these very recently. Will this be a problem? Shall I take our most recent statement to prove that we have both paid this?
The business is not required to produce annual audited accounts, unaudited accounts
for the last full financial year and an accountant’s certificate of confirmation, from an
accountant who is a member of a UK Recognised Supervisory Body (as defined in the
Companies Act 2006);
Invoice of accountant
Letters explaining the nature of self employment for both me and my husband
Letter from all current clients to confirm the ongoing nature of our work. Signed original hand copies stipulating details of our work.

Marriage Certificate
10 photos to show genuine relationship
Email inbox print outs for duration of relationship
Skype log print out
Message history
Flights/bookings for holidays together

Current tenancy agreement
*** QUESTION We do not pay our council tax - it is paid for by the landlord, as is the water and gas. We pay for our own electricity but it is on a meter system so we are never issued with a bill. If I provide NHS registration for us both at our current address, as well as bank statements from our current address, will this be sufficient?
Previous tenancy agreement from very recent flat
Previous Utility bills and council tax bills with joint names

QUESTION - if I have documentation to prove my husband and I have lived together for 3 years should I bring it all with me? If we lived with his parents for some of that time should I get a letter from them confirming this (I have bank statements and other proof but just wondering if I also need a letter from them)

If you could provide any feedback or let me know if I have missed anything I would be most grateful! Thanks so much!!


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Sorry I forgot about Category B!

Category B documentation
p60 for my "employed" work
detailed accounts from accountant showing employed and self employed income breakdown

What else do I need?
PLease note - most of my income is self employed but we need to include the Category B income to meet the threshold!

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Questions related to my Category B situation: ANY CLARIFICATION WOULD BE WONDERFUL! I keep working myself into a panic and going around in circles.

Does our category B income have to be from the last financial year - if we are combining it with category f?

In the last financial year, my husband earned 866.46 from a restaurant. He no longer works there. Can this be counted towards our income?

In the last financial year I earned 5762.46 from two sources: 4826.46 from a teaching job and 936 from some bar work at a place I no longer work. I still work with the same employer re the teaching job but the pay does vary contract to contract and has varied over the last 12 months. What will they use for their calculations?

We need to add our Cat B earnings to our Cat F earnings in order to meet the financial criteria. Could someone advise me on this matter? I would be so appreciative!!

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I don't know much as I am kind of in the same situation as you at the moment, using cat F and B for the financial requirement. I was advised though that if you are combining with cat F that all income is from the last full financial year. So your salaried income would be for the financial year as well. Wish I could help with the other questions but I'm not sure ! Good luck!
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