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Hi All

We received our approval for FLR yesterday at the premium service centre, so we’re very happy about that.

However, I am currently in a panic that we’ve applied too early and therefore we will have a shortfall of days when we come to apply for ILR.

My husband entered the UK on January 21, 2015 and going by the 30 month anniversary, minus 28 day rule, we booked our appointment for July 10, 2017 which is when the BRP will be valid from, and therefore I assume that the FLR visa will expire on January 10, 2020, which will therefore give us an 11 day shortfall to be eligible for ILR?

I can’t quite believe that is the case given that everyone seems to go by this rule – surely this would have caused a great deal of trouble for people otherwise?

I would really appreciate ANY help you can offer – I am pretty concerned that we’ll have to apply for another expensive extension in order to apply eventually for ILR for the sake of a few days.

Many thanks,

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