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Dear all,
I have convinced my employer to send me to Madrid to work the Spanish market for our products as the increase in volume has already been quite good the past year.
I would be moving from Belgium to Madrid, but while discussing details, we have come across some key topics/problems:
- How can my employer pay for my rent without having to pay it to me as salary + taxes + social security costs? It seems that if my employer signs the lease contract, they would be considered as active in Spain and all our profits from Spain would be taxed in Spain while they do not want this to happen.
- It seems Spanish taxation does not have any "expense accounts" permitted for employees. As these expense accounts are net wage and therefore exempt of taxes, it's an interesting way to pay more net wages while keeping total cost for the company (incl taxes and social security) limited.

Thanks for your feedback and if you have any fiscal expert details you can pass along, feel free to let me know.
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