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In July we got a Global Talent Visa with my fiance, and in December we got jobs in Sydney. Now we are on our way to Australia...moving to Sydney from Europe in a few days!

Getting a PR and a job was a challenge, but finding an apartment without local rental history is another. Do you have any ideas on how to approach it when we arrive or know anyone renting? We are aware of the application process, and common websites but have no idea how to beat the competition.

About us:

We are looking for an apartment (1 Bedroom) to rent in Inner/Eastern Sydney from mid-February/March. We are fiancées from Europe, 30/35 years old; we have good jobs in companies in Sydney (IT and Finance). We don't smoke, and we have no children or pets

Thanks a lot 🙏,


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You will be at a disadvantage especially in the current tight rental market but I don't expect that doors will be closed in your face so to speak.

Some strategies that might help make the difference...
  • If you are currently renting, get a reference letter with a wet ink signature from the landlord or rental agency
  • Spend a bit of time talking to the agent up front (if it is through an agency) first impressions and the recognition and recomendation from them may help sway the decision of the owner.
  • Money Talks, particularly if it is a private rental; offer an extra month in advance or perhaps to pay the first three months up front, it might make a difference in an environment where interest rates are rising and many investment properties are on interest only type mortgages
  • If you are on an employee sponsored visa, see if your employer will be willing to act as a guarantor
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