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This is our first post and would really appreciate any advice that can be offered! We've been tearing our hair out for months trying to find a credible solution to our problem; so if anyone can help we'd REEEEALLY appreciate it!

We are a married UK couple under 30 with a serious wish to move to Australia. We have both lived there before on WHV and now want to move back there to settle.

There are many questions we have and we were hoping some of you could help!?

Let me explain our situation we are newly marrried and unfortunately have a total debt of around £15k which we belive we would need to clear before emigrating. I'm (occasionally) of the mindset we should just go while the goings good and pay the debt off while we're there. [It's easier being poor in the sun than in the cold and wet!] I am currently able to apply for a transfer to Oz through work and would therefore be able to secure a job along with the visa.

Our questions are:

Is the debt a serious isue? Can we easily send money "home" and pay it off as we go? We own our own home but have little equity at the moment so that doesn't solve the issue entirely.

If I get an employee sponsored visa could my husband work without restriction?

Maternity leave: At some point we will want to start a family but have been told that maternity leave and SSP is not statuatory in Oz. Can anyone clarify this?

Any other support would be gratefully recieved. Thanks in advance for all your help.
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