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I ve got visa grant notice for Subclass 189 from DIBP Australia. I am going to do my first landing in September. I ve decided to stay one month in Sydney. May I ask Forum's experienced participants what are the first actions after arrival. Please correct followings:

1- Preparing a SIM card at the airport. How long does it take to be activated? Which operator has better / 1-month packages?
2- Find a place to stay. First days in Hotel (2 days max) while looking for a apartment to stay the rest. Can I find / move to my favorite place in 2 days? please introduce a rent agency enabling me to start communication by email.
3- Refer to a Bank to open my saving account with a debit card. Needed documents, please?
4- Refer to Medicare to get our Medicare CARD(?). Required docs, please?
5- The rest is how to get used to live in Sydney.
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