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I was wondering if anyone can offer me some advice please.

Having much experience working abroad (China, Spain, Germany, Egypt) I would very much like to go back abroad to work.
Only problem is in the past I have been sent to work abroad by my employer, this time I would need to find an employer abroad first as my present employer has nothing for me abroad.

Can anyone advice me on where to look, what I mean is, where can I find an employer who is looking for a British experienced logistics and world customs expert.

The Job websites seem to be looking for employees inside their own county or looking for people already with the right to work in that particular county.

I know I have the experience and skills but I really do find it hard to find an employer who is specifically looking to bring someone in from another country such as the UK.

Any help appreciated.

Looking for most developed nations but not limited to these.

Thanks in advance

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The job market for your niche is probably small and dispersed worldwide, so you'll need a proactive attitude and a fair bit of luck. Rather than looking at suitable job ads, you should identify companies with a potential need for your skills and contact them directly with unsolicited introductions. Focus on countries with a shortage of people like you, or where you have advantages over local applicants (who are almost always preferentially hired).
Also note that expat packages are only available if a company sends you abroad. You'd have to be content with local conditions if you apply this way.
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