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Hello everyone,

I am a software professional. I have around six and a half years of experience in software testing.
Me and my family migrated to Australia 2 years ago. Initially I took a break from workforce to take care of my toddler.
I started looking for work again in February this year. Unfortunately I have been unsuccessful in finding a job so far.
No, I am not getting rejected at the interviews. In fact I am not getting any interview calls at all!
After talking to a few people in the industry, it seems that not having any local experience is one of the biggest hindrance!
I researched a bit and found some career coaching/resume building services. But before I spend money on any of these, I would like to know if these services are really worth spending money on? Do they help in job search? Is there another way to approach this situation? Looking forward to input from you all.

It's really surprising that you are not able to find a job being in NSW with 6 years experience

Maybe you are setting your eyes at high end jobs

Scrape the bottom of the barrel and take up even temporary or small duration jobs or contracts just to build your resume with local experience

Are you aware that the Australian CV is atleast 4/5 page long ?
Have you prepared th same as per Australian standards?

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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