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I am an American, in Thailand. Got here about 3 months ago. Decided not to go back, but not sure about staying here either.

Would like a few things that I don’t see here. Thinking of France, but would like to check with others first.

What I want is a place that at least has the following:
  • Clean air
  • A warm, dry climate (to help a lung condition)
  • Easy access to non-GMO, organic groceries
  • Access to Health Food Stores (not seeing ‘em here)
  • Nature, parks, trees
  • And a community - people I can meet who follow Buddhism or a similar path

also thought of:
  • Good Public Transit
  • A plethora of healthy activities: yoga, qi gong, martial arts, bike paths, things like that
  • Places I can work. Got a degree I never officially used (engineering). Recently graduated from nutrition school. Worked in tech - support roles, and helping others be more efficient by using tech tools.

Any ideas?
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