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Hello Everyone,

We are about to put our visa file
In financial requirement, we have only one saving account which is more than 62500/- .

According to these

In order to qualify for a spouse visa, you need to have a job that pays £18600 per anum. In lieu of this minimum income, you can prove it via savings at a predetermined level...
Difference between current earnings and 18600 x 2.5 + 16000
So, in your case the minimum requirement is £62500
Therefore, £62500 is the minimum required balance in cash savings (i.e. no loans) in order to qualify. These funds must have sat in the bank for at least 6 months untouched.

Now my question is not that, my question is different.

We had one saving account on sponsor's name in XYZ bank from last 3 years as a FIXED RATE BOND and now before last 3 months ago it got matured and transferred to another bank named ABC bank which also same on sponsor's name.
So we have two different bank SAVING scheme documents and certificates. We do have account CLOSED certificate and another statement which stated that same amount deposited in another account.

As I heard that funds must have sat in the bank for at least 6 months untouched and in my case it touched and moved as well.

Would it be run if i will submit following documents
- First bank XYZ's Certificate (which was bonded from last 3 years)
- First bank XYZ's Closing Statement
- Second bank ABC account statements (two months)

Thank you in advance !!!
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