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My wife is a British citizen, she had a break in her employment from Dec 2016 to Feb 2017. When she started her new full-time employment from March 2017 She was offered 18K GBP annual salary. We were 600 GBP short for meeting the requirement. She started another partime from April 2017 which earned 6K GBP annual salary. She has gone on maternity leave from full-time employement from September (that leaves her with 6 months payslip March to August 1513 GBP gross pay during March). She will get her 6th payslip for her partime job at end of September (April to September). We have planned to apply for the visa by October 1st.

In the Appendix_FM_1_7_Financial_Requirement.pdf section 5.1.4, its given as below.
Where the person is in salaried employment – they must have been paid throughout
the period of 6 months prior to the date of application at a level of gross annual salary
which equals or exceeds the level relied upon in the application. Therefore the figure
used towards the requirement will be the lowest level of annual salary received during
the 6 month period.

Does this mean HO will consider 1513 GBP from her fulltime job March month salary and make us fall short of meeting the financial requirement?

Can anyone comment or help us get around this situation?

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