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Hi all

coming back to this forum after previously receiving loads of help (thanks @Joppa and all).

my fiance (non EU) successfully received her visa and shes been with me here for 1 month + now.

Her visa runs out mid November.

We are planning on getting married start of September and have the date set with the Registry office etc (passed all checks etc)

Our initial plan was to:

- get married (early sept)

- travel on honeymoon (to a country where she doesnt need visa due to her native passport) (mid to end of sept, few days after wedding)

- return to UK and then have her travel back to her country of origin to change her passport to have my surname (start to mid october)

- return to UK and then apply for Spousal visa (hopefully giving us 2-3 weeks before fiance visa runs out).

however having googled variations of my question i came across a few threads here (and other forums) talking about the FLR and how the fiance visa is only Multi entry BEFORE marriage.

it seems we need to apply for the FLR (M) (?) before she can leave the country again?

does this mean we cant go on honeymoon in september? and instead need to apply for this document? is this different to the Spousal Visa application process? i've read that the "documents would arrive in a few days" so this seems to imply this is different to the spousal visa document?

in either case it seems that we cant leave the country on holiday few days later after marriage...and have to wait a week at least? if we pay for premium service can we guarantee the # of days at least? otherwise risky to book holiday :(

strange thing is my fiancee has been reading loads of forums on the topic in her native websphere and people there seem to imply that they were perfectly able to get married, leave to go back to their own country, change passport (~2 week process) then come back to UK with new passport (and old) and then apply for spousal visa.

we also looked into the possibility of changing her passport (to include my surname) in the UK located embassy for her country of origin but they mentioned a 6 month period to do it!

any help would be greatly appreciated.

p.s. happy to share her experiences of her application process from Kazakhstan if anyone is interested :) & has any questions (was all mostly standard stuff although they asked us to resubmit documents they claimed they didnt have but then sent them back after submission was approved - probably their excuse for taking so long - documents were sent from Kazakhstan to Turkey for processing)
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