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Fiance Visa

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Hello all.

Anyone know how long it takes to get a fiance visa.

I was refused entry on a visitor visa but won an appeal and was allowed to stay for 6 months.

I applied for an EEA visa which was incorrect and was refused.

I am still married pending receipt of my divorce certificate and so applied as separated and stated divorce would be through in a month or two.

I also had dual nationality for Zimbabwe and SA, but lost all my Zimbabwean passports, birth certificates. I have been living as a permanent resident in SA for several years. I automatically lost my Zimbabwean citizenship when I became a South Africa.

Questions as follows:

1) I have read that you don't have to be divorced to apply for a fiance visa and so I don't think I will be refused on those grounds.

2) I only submitted my SA documents originals as Zim passports lost. Do the ECO do checks on applicants who have had dual nationality. Or are they only concerned with the last county you are permanently resident? If they have to check on me in Zimbabwe that could take weeks to get a visa. I don't have any criminal records in both countries.

3) My fiance in the Uk receives child benefits approx. UK pounds 100 per month. Is this going to affect my application. As mentioned before she earns 100 000k as a professional.

4) We have booked a hotel for the wedding to take place and paid a deposit. The wedding will have 60 guests and all papers submitted with application.

5) Despite my fiance earning 100 000k she has heavy expenses and the incoming is the same as the outgoing every month.

6) Supporting documents.


Notarized copy passport.
Original Decree absolute.
7 months original bank statements.
Letter from her work stating she is a full time partner.
Accountants financial statements last tax year.
Letter stamped from her solicitor declaring the intention to marry and her address and accommodation size. Also declaring she will take care of my expenses as a sponsor.
Wedding contract from Hotel - Both out names appesr
Email from hotel stating received funds as deposit for wedding. Sponsors name appears.
Email from council advising wedding ceremony and fees to pay. Both our names appear.
Email from work colleague stating length of time knowing sponsor and confirming our relationship.
Photocopy council tax.
Original telephone account.

My documents:

SA Birth Cert original
SA Birth Cert orginal for current wife.
Since my Zim marriage cert lost I obtained a marriage cert from the SA home affairs.
Letter from solicitor concerning advanced stage of my divorce.
6 months bank statements from my business as self employed.
6 months business invoices showing how I derive an income.
Letter from my bank confirming business account belongs to me as a Sole Prop.
2011, 2010, 2009 tax returns.
Letter of intent to marry and history of our relationship and time remaining until divorce cert. received.
Refusal letter stating my visitor visa had been reinstated.
Refusal letter for EEA visa.


50 pages of skype log
Photos labelled.
UK cell phone bill showing calls to each other.
Flights taken together.

Anybody know, will I get a fiance visa or have I messed up somewhere? :):):):)
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I must be very dumb,how can one produce a SA birth certificate ( original ) if you were born in SA?
No sure whether I understand this correctly, but how can you produce an original SA birth certificate if you were born in Zimbabwe?
I was born in Zim. When you become a South African you get given a South African birth certificate with a number on it. That number is your identity number. You can then apply for a South African identity book and passport.
Being a South African I find this strange, but then, anything is possible!

Hope your plans work out well.

We lived in the UK for almost 11 years, I enjoyed it very much, although I worked very hard and long hours!

All of the best for you.

Thanks, yes it is strange but I qualified as a South Africa by descent. So I guess that or in fact it did make me a full South Africa. Therefor as a South African I would be entitled to a birth cert.

I found the following:

Birth in South Africa to South African citizens (by birth, naturalization) or foreigners who have valid permanent residence or work permits in South Africa.
Birth registration for those who were born abroad to South African citizens.
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