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Hey guys

My now wife originally from the USA is ready to apply for her spouse visa upgrading from a fiancé visa. We got married in the UK in June.

We have paid the NHS charge of £500 and booked a priority appointment at one of the service centres for next week to get the visa sorted. I just wanted to do a check list to make sure everything is in place.

When we booked online it says the appointment is only for one person but can I or will I need to as her sponsor and husband attend the appointment?

What we have to take with us:

-FLR (M) form printed and filled out
-Print out of applicant payment receipt
-2 x passport size photos with her name written on the back
-Applicant passport
-Printed out scanned in copy of passport
-Letter about relationship, how we met and leading up to us getting married and now living together
-Proof of relationship from fiancé visa (Pictures, Skype calls, letter to one another)

-Letter written by sponsor about relationship
-1 x passport photo with name written on the back
-Sponsor passport
-Copy of passport scanned in and printed out

-Proof of ownership of accommodation/house in the form of a letter from the solicitor saying I own the house as of January 2015 and a copy of land registry from January 2015 with my name on it
-Current Insurance policies for house in my name

Financial requirements (Self employed using last full financial year)
-Print out of competed tax return 2014/15
-SA302 of 2014/15 tax year
-UTR and letter stating date I was registered self employed from HMRC
-Unaudited account for 2014/15 tax year and certificate by member of a uk supervisory body
-Latest NIC class 2 contribution bill
-Bank statement signed and stamped from my bank for my shared business/personal bank account from APril 2014 - now

Thanks again for all your help!

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I was just approved for my FLR(M) two weeks ago.

The only things I brought were
Payment receipt for visa & IHS (you must have this)
Copy of appt. booking (you must have this)
Both our passports
Passport photos, two for me and one for him
Financial documents (Cat A)
Accommodation documents (in our case letter form landlord and council tax bill)
Twelve pieces of correspondence - 6 each (you don't have to have this, but should have at least a few for the sponsor)
Photos (the same ones I submitted with the fiancé visa, plus 3 from the wedding)
Marriage certificate (you must have this)

And it's expected for the sponsor to be there, but not a complete requirement.

I didn't provide any letters.
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