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Hi guys

My fiancé arrive in the UK on a fiancé visa in January and we are getting married this Saturday.

We are hoping to apply for her spouse visa once we return from our brief honeymoon and wanted to double check that we are ready to go and book at premium appointment at Croydon.

Our biggest concern is regarding the 6 correspondence proving with currently live together. We will not be living together until we get married this Saturday and getting certain documents for my fiancé is difficult due the tempo ry nature of her fiancé visa.

Fiancé passport
FLR (m) form
2 applicants passport pictures (signed on back)
1 sponsors passport picture (signed on back)
NHS surcharge receipt

Sponsors financial:
6 month payslips
6 month bank statements
Signed contract
Letter of employment

Proof of marriage:
Marriage certificate
5/6 wedding pictures

Proof of living together:

In both names:
Tenancy agreement (printed from electronic copy, the letting agent does them online now)
Council tax statement
Water correspondence setting up account
Gas/electric correspondence setting up account

In sponsors name:
Credit card statement
Bank account statement

In applicants name:
Internet bill (hopefully)
NHS registration (will be trying this week)


1.My fiancé has struggled to get forms of address such as bank account due to the temporary nature of her visa. I have read on other threads that having 6 proofs of address in both your names is not necessary for the fiancé visa yet I can't see any evidence of this on the UK border agency website. Could someone please confirm this either way?

2.Do we need to include some other proof of relationship prior to us getting married? We did include substantial evidence such as skype, phone bills and Facebook chat for her fiancé visa.

3.Am I correct in thinking that my fiancé does not need to include her UK Naric certificate which she used for her fiancé visa again?

4.We have not been living together since my fiancé arrived in the UK until we get married this Saturday. I was thinking that a letter of introduction explaining this as we are Christians might help clarify not having all 6 forms of correspondence?

I would appreciate any wisdom!


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If you are recently married they don't expect you to have 6 pieces of mail each. That applies to the 2nd leg of FLR (M) so don't worry too much. If you have a couple of things that's fine.

You should have 10-15 photos, including the wedding. The marriage certificate. Include a few of your communication logs. For an in person appointment they are most interested in the financial documents.

You pretty much include everything you included for the fiance visa so yes you will need the Naric certificate.

There is no need to write a letter. Not everyone lives together before marriage.

I trust your short honeymoon is in the UK as there is no guarantee she will be allowed to re enter the UK on a fiance visa once married.

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Thank you nylon. We are going to Jersey for our honeymoon, the most exotic place we could think of within the UK!

So apart from some more wedding pics, communication logs and UK Naric certificate we are all good to go?

For cash flow purposes can I book the premium appointment this week for late June then pay for the NHS surcharge next month before I arrive and then take the receipt with us on the day?

Thank you again nylon!
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