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I'm not sure that either the French or the Italians will wind up getting involved with any of this, so it probably doesn't actually matter. However, if she is born in Italy, I would expect at least some question about her status with regard to Italy. Though I'd be very interested in how the US folks react if she is going to submit a copy of her French birth certificate (the one created when she naturalized) rather than her original Italian one.

BTW, she should transcribe your marriage into her French birth record as soon as it happens. (And some consulates will require her to "post the banns" through the consulate before the marriage takes place.) Trust me, you can avoid LOTS of hassle later on if you take care of the matter at the time of the marriage rather than later. (A little off topic, but hey, you may want to go live in France at some point.)

As far as her father is concerned, I'd just indicate "deceased" either with his name or in place of his current address.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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