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Hi All,

Here goes my first post, of what I'm sure will be many.

Like many of you expats out there how we met our significant others is an interesting story. I'm from California, she is from Paris, and we met in a the basement of a castle in a newly build theme park in Shanghai, China. You can guess who we both work for ;) I purposed on the side of a volcano in Italy and she said yes.

So here we now are working on the I-129F for the States. Here are my two questions.

1) She has dual Citizenship, Italy where is was born and France where is became a citizen. We would like to use her French citizenship for this whole process, since the French are much more helpful then the Italian's. Her words, not mine. Would that be an issue?

2) In filling out her parent's information, her father has since past. There is no where to indicate that. What should be filled in for current city and country of residence?

Thank you so much in advance.

Nate and Laura

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I'm not sure that either the French or the Italians will wind up getting involved with any of this, so it probably doesn't actually matter. However, if she is born in Italy, I would expect at least some question about her status with regard to Italy. Though I'd be very interested in how the US folks react if she is going to submit a copy of her French birth certificate (the one created when she naturalized) rather than her original Italian one.

BTW, she should transcribe your marriage into her French birth record as soon as it happens. (And some consulates will require her to "post the banns" through the consulate before the marriage takes place.) Trust me, you can avoid LOTS of hassle later on if you take care of the matter at the time of the marriage rather than later. (A little off topic, but hey, you may want to go live in France at some point.)

As far as her father is concerned, I'd just indicate "deceased" either with his name or in place of his current address.
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