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Fiance visa checklist

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Hey folks

So I think im almost ready to apply for our fiance visa >_< do I have everything I need to apply.

-backstory- fiance lives in canada, me in the UK. Been dating for 3 yrs, got engaged in oct 2011. I have been to see him in canada twice (march - april 2011 & sept - oct 2011, 2 weeks each time) he has been here to the uk once (aug 2011) was refused entry to leave for the full 6 weeks he was meant to stay but was allowed to stay for 5 days. [lack of money on his part and they thought he may stay due to how serious our relationship was]. I am going to canada on the 5th of may, we apply the 6th. I make 13k a year contracted, usually more due to extras (closer to 16k) and have considerable savings in the bank 15+k.

We have in our folder.

Both birth certificates (originals)
My bio and stamp pages of passport (photocopy)
His passport
Bank statements (6 months)
My payslips (3 months)
My p60
My work contract
His CV
Supporting letters (me, him, my parents inviting him to stay)
Parents mortgage statement (annual)
Gas & electrical bills (6 months)
Council tax bills (years worth)
Pictures of my parents house
Pictures of us
Msn convos/screenshots of archived folders/skype history(6 months)/fb screenshots.
Flight receipts
Letter from minister saying we have booked the wedding for the 13th of oct.
Reciepts from things I have bought for wedding so far (flowers, cake stuff, decorations)
Letter saying we have booked reception but have no proof as of yet (hall was free so no reciepts or anything)
He is getting new passport pictures this week so they are correct size.

Okay so am I missing anything, anything I could add to help? Getting to the panicky stage now >_< any help or info would be greatly appreciated.
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Thanks joppa,

Yeah thats what the letters go over. Found info you had wrote about doing it on here. We also included a small note about him being refused the last time he came to uk (us taking full responsibilty for it).

On the other note, I booked my wedding with no issues. No deposit either as long as he is here a month before to give notice then they were fine with it. You could also try getting quotes ie caterer, hairdresser, suit hire etc for the day you want to get married.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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