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I am applying for a fiancée visa in a few days. I would really appreciate your feedback regarding the documents I have put together? My fiancé is a British citizen and I am Indian.

Applicant’s documents
1. Completed online application form signed and printed
2. VAF4A-Appendix2
3. Passport
4. One passport sized colour photograph
5. Tuberculosis (TB) certificate
6. Letter of introduction

Sponsor's documents
1. Copy of bio-data page from passport
2. Letter of introduction
3. SU07 form

Evidence of English language requirement
1. Certificate of Masters degree from UK

Financial requirements
1. Payslips (6 months) of sponsor
2. Bank statements covering to the pay for 6 months
3. P60
4. Letter from employer
5. Employment contract

Accommodation details
1. Scan of tenancy agreement
2. Council tax statement
3. Photos of flat

1. Screenshots of Skype calls and chats covering the
2. Screenshot of Gmail/Hangout logs
3. Photographs of time spent together
4. Scans of handwritten letters
5. E-tickets of visit to UK and India

Evidence of intent to get married
1. Email contact with registry office
2. Confirmation letter for provisional booking

Is it necessary to include a letter from the landlord stating that they have no objection to me living in the flat?

Thanks :)

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Handwritten letters are unnecessary. They can be faked.

Yes you need a letter of permission from the landlord. Photos of the flat are unnecessary.

You should have the original tenancy agreement not a scan.

You should include a sample itinerary for when you'd like to travel.

Don't forget you need to pay the NHS Surcharge.

Do you have any other evidence of planning a wedding? Receipts for rings, dress or any other normal wedding related items?

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Thanks nyclon for the kind feedback. We do not have any other evidence of planning for the wedding except the ones listed above. Could that be a problem? My wedding dress is will be my traditional attire made by my cousin and so there is no receipt for that! We have decided on a small ceremony with only immediate family (parents, siblings and their partners only) so we haven't sent out any invitation cards either.

As for the sample itinerary for travel date, I have already mentioned the intended date of travel on the online application form. Do I need to include it separately again? And how and where should I include the itinerary? Does it go in my cover letter?

Thanks Joppa for pointing out that I don't need to pay the IHS. I had almost paid for it!
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