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We are moving into a new property on Friday and need some fencing to contain our dog. There are hedges all around the rear garden, but the gaps are too big. We have seen some wire type fencing which is .6 of a metre tall and I guess we just fix it to metal posts and use tension wire top and bottom. Need to cover 30 metres. Anybody used anything similar and is Leroy Merlin the best place to go?
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Worth saying that it's a good idea to fix the bottom of chain link fences… dogs can sometimes get their noses under, then push their head and before you knwo it they are out - with enough force its quite stretchy.

Make sure yoru poles are well concreted in… i would advise breeze blocks as a base all the way along and then cement the bottom of the fence all the way along to the breeze blocks! Then is nice and safe - keeps yours in and others out!
Yes, a client of mine who has just suffered a break in was talking to somebody about fencing today. What he thought looked strong, the other guy said could be broken into using a jack around the bottom of the fence. And dogs will be dogs so if they can push their snout then get out they will.
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