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Feeling like an overwhelmed kid in a sweet shop!

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My husband and I, along with our two children aged two and 8 months, are relocating to Melbourne in September (can't wait for that journey...!). Like so many others the questions of where to live is confusing us. We have a few different friends who live in Melbourne who have all been wonderful giving us advice, only problem is non of it matches the advice of the others..... with everyone as expected having very different opinions/expectations/requirements of each area. We have been looking at a number of areas/suburbs but aren't sure whether or not our information is correct or even on the right track. We would appreciate any help,advice, information or guidance about the following areas:

Hampton: We understand this to one of the more expensive areas meaning we could afford only smaller properties. Is this true and if so is it really worth making that particular compromise. Hampton Primary (our friends little boy goes there) seems to rate highly on the state education scale. We understand the nearer the beach is more expensive etc but is the area really worth scarificing a larger property for?

Brighton: As above re property size/expense. Again, is it worth the extra living costs etc.

Sandringham: We like the sound of Sandringham as it appears to be more like a village feel, is this right? Still expensive like Hampton/Brighton but as it's a little further out do you get more for your money?

Parkdale: Heard some great things about this area but also heard there are problems with the nearby airport re noise. Is this the case? As it's further out you appear to be able to get more for your money re rental property.

Chadstone: We love some of the new properties in this area and they appear alot more reasonable but we can't actually find a local primary school here other than a catholic one which doesn't seem to score to highly on the state ed scale....any other schools? We don't know too much about this area apart from the huge shopping centre etc. Is it safe for kids, friendly community etc? Is the highway a problem?

We know we want to be in the east/southeast areas within about 45 minutes commute of the CBD (by train)with decent state schools, parks and safe/friendly communiity. Are there any other areas which may tick the boxes that we have missed and are the suburbs listed above ok? Would prefer to spend around 800 aus/dollars per week or less to rent.

If anyone can advise us further we would be so grateful.

Thank you

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