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Getting a fast internet service outside of the major Fibre Optic connected area's can be very difficult in Italy, especially if you want to stream TV without buffering (which may be very important when Satellite TV changes in February 2014).

One solution is to use a dish and modem, similar to Sky that provides not just a downlink, but also an uplink, by-passing the entire Italian Telecoms infrastructure.
This type of system provides very fast, affordable and very stable Internet service, similar to Fibre Optic - 20Mbps download and 6 Mbps upload.

The system is more than fast enough to provide TV over the Internet, Fast Surfing, Music streaming, Voip and anything else that you may need. Even better, the system is provided with a UK iP address, so that services such as BBC iPlayer can run without any problems, alternatively a local address can be provided.

We are independent and can provide systems from Tooway, SES-ASTRA and Avanti, featuring Pay As You Go, for holiday home owners, equipment purchase with Monthly contract or Two year Equipment rental and no upfront equipment costs. Even better, if you use your Italian home for only a few months a year - you can switch off the system and lower your annual costs.
With our systems, there is no need for expensive Telephone lines (we can arrange a local phone number for you) and all your communications can be integrated within the system using Voip.

The dish and modem is easily fitted, or we can arrange fitting for you.
Data Plans start at £9.95 per month.

We are a UK company, but have an Italian based office - in Toscana! Service is personal and we will not recommend our solution, if there is a better service in your area!

Customer service and Integrity is paramount to us and we are happy to discuss your internet problems - even if we don't sell you anything!

Richard Burnett
Europasat | bringing superfast Internet to Italia
email: sales.europasatitalia.com
Tel: 00393665200656


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