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Family Visa questions

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Hello, I am an American citizen who has recently married a man from the UK (we currently live together in the UK while I'm finishing my masters). We have decided to move to the US when my visa here expires. He should have no issues obtaining a visa as we are a legitimate couple with plenty of evidence and we have proper financial backing through my father who has agreed to sponsor us. However we do have a few questions for people who either have the knowledge or have done this before.

Trying to look this all up ourselves has left us both confused (I'm attempting to write a dissertation at the same time so that doesn't help). What are the best straightforward resources for this, will an immigration lawyer be necessary? Also, is it possible for us to file for this visa while I'm still in the UK? Would this be better for the UK forum? I'm honestly not sure. :confused:

Thank you guys in advance for your time.
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It shouldn't be necessary for you to blow big $$$ on an immigration lawyer since you have a pretty straight-forward situation. And since you live in the UK, you should be able to file your paperwork through the London Consulate with little or no problem.

Thank you! I do have a concern though, where I'm here on a tier 4 visa is that still valid under residency requirements? Also does it make a difference that my visa is due to expire at the end of January? I noticed it said to give 10 months for filing but we've only been married 3 weeks :/ We're okay with being apart for a while (Trust me, we're used to it) but I just worry that it may cause problems during paperwork. I've tried to find an way to email these questions and I attempted to call but both options seemed to lead nowhere. Thank you again, hopefully these questions don't sound too naive. I feel like the student visa process was (understandably) far more straightforward.
You go the route of Direct Consular Filing through the London US embassy. It is the fastest and easiest option plus you will not be seperated. He has 180 days to activate his Green Card after the medical. Five months may be a bit tight but it can be done that way. Paper work is straight forward. If you are working on your dissertation have him collect all necessary documents. It takes a few hours to fill out and assemble everything.
You, as the US citizen spouse, sponsors your husband.

As you cannot meet the financial requirements, your father will be a joint sponsor.

At the relevant time you both fill out I-864 applications.

Read the following website for further info on how to petition your spouse:


The first thing you do is to complete an I-130 form to start the petition process.

As you live in the UK on a visa, you can use Direct Consular Filing through the US Embassy in London. This could cut the process down to around 4 to 6 months.

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