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Family sponsorship query for 176

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Hi All

I have a query,

Can a family member living in NSW Sydney sponsor you for 176 class?

My agent told me family members living in Sydney cannot sponsor anyone.:confused:

I checked the DIAC website and for 475 Regional subclass, I see that only family members living in designated NSW area etc can sponsor you.

However, for class 176 I dont see any such limitation on their website, but my agent insists it is so.




Can any seniors confirm the same?
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Sack your agent. But having a family sponsor wont actually help you much other than create more paperwork you would be much better off with state sponsored.
Hi Shel,

Glad to know Im not the only one feeling that way about the agent :D

I know SS is my best bet and I ve already applied. This is more of a backup plan, if my SS gets rejected as my job code is only open in Vic and NT. Vic I ve already applied to, and NT well takes 6 months or so.

Family SS wont get me any points but at-least I'll meet the minimum requirement for applying 176 as my Occupation is on the SOL 1-2, and I need one of these sponsorships.

Im seriously considering it because after July 1 2012 as per the new skillselect program there is no Permanent visa class for family sponsorship, only temp visa class....and frankly speaking I dont want to be a temp for 3 years then look for employer sponsorships and then apply for PR as per DIACs new rules in the far future...

What say?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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