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Hi, my husband has the opportunity to move to the US with work for a couple of years and we are really excited about the idea! San Diego seems like a really appealing place to spend this time. We have two children 6 & 8 and are looking for a nice area to rent with good schools, neighbourhood facilities, preferably some public transport and pretty close to the coast.

As this is a limited time opportunity we are not that keen to be stuck in suburbia but would rather be in a bit more of a lively place but somewhere that is good for the kids predominantly.

I am not sure if such a place exists but I would love to hear from anyone who has any opinions to offer on where we should consider being based during this time.

Many thanks in advance, Katiejane.
We lived in San Diego for 20+ years and now live just an hour north of downtown San Diego. Before giving any advice, it is important to know where your husband will be working. San Diego is a very large spread out city. Bear in mind that living close to the coast can get pretty expensive. The climate varies according to how close you are to the ocean.
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