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Family lawyer

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My husbands ex wife took his daughter to Australia over 4 years ago and has not brought her back to the UK once even though they put a court order together in the UK to specify that she brought her back twice a year and he would have her for 2 weeks each time, monies to be paid by the mother.
As his solicitor obviously did not know (complicated laws) she should have put in place a mirror order in Australia so he could enforce it if she did not comply.
We have contacted a few solicitors in the UK and spent quite a lot of money only to be told really we have no jurisdiction and it will cost shed loads and we may not even win and even though she has broke the court order she probably won't have to pay the legal costs.
This has had a terrible effect on my husband and his relationship with his daughter.
We were told that at the time even if he refused to let her go if they went to court she would probably win and they would be allowed to go anyway so he let her go with the court order in place thinking this would be the best but in actual fact it seems the order isn't worth the paper it is printed on.
Even thought he has tried to say lets forget about the past and move on, put a new order in place in Australia, with regards to travel arrangements, money etc she won't unless it is all on her terms so his hands are tied.
Can this woman continue to get away with this it seems so unfair?
She has in effect kidnapped her.
Does anyone know anything we can do in this situation?
Does anyone know a good family lawyer in Queensland?
Thanks for any help/advice anyone can give in this matter, we are at the end of our tether.
Even though this is very frustrating and we would love to be able to do something about the existing court order, the 4 years of his daughters life she has taken away can never be replaced, we now just want to seek advice and put a new order in place in Queensland so that we can resume direct contact etc any advice on a good solicitor/lawyer would be much appreciated.
We have used many lawyers over this matter and all we feel took our money promised the world and we have got nowhere, so a waste of precious time and money, so I am asking for a lawyer someone can recommend please.
Many thanks
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