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Hi, never posted on here before and after some advice

We will soon be going to Ontario for a two week find finding trip, visiting Toronto, Barrie and Waterloo/Kitchener.

Having not done this before, we are unsure of where to go/what to do to find out information whilst there.

Could anyone living in these areas offer any advice on things that would be useful to us and also good places to go (there are two adults and a toddler)

thanks in advance

Hi Bagpuss,

We have only just put our first post onto the forum too, but having returned from Ontario yesterday doing the same thing as you're planning, I just wanted to give you a hotel recommendation (if you haven't already booked). We spent a month in & around Toronto with our two year old son - we stayed in the Cambridge Suites Hotel on Richmond St E, great for putting our son to bed in the bedroom, then being able to stay up with a bottle of wine in the lounge without disturbing him!! The front desk staff were great & went out of their way to accommodate our requests. Its very central in downtown too, which was ideal for us.

Also, I know you mention Barrie, Waterloo & Kitchener for a look around, but if you're willing to travel a little further, head up to Kingston, about two hours NE of Toronto, around the top of the lake. Its a beautiful place, ultra family friendly - we spent our time there on a home exchange, great fun. We're now keeping our eyes out for jobs there!!

Have fun,
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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