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Hi, never posted on here before and after some advice
We will soon be going to Ontario for a two week find finding trip, visiting Toronto, Barrie and Waterloo/Kitchener.
Having not done this before, we are unsure of where to go/what to do to find out information whilst there.
Could anyone living in these areas offer any advice on things that would be useful to us and also good places to go (there are two adults and a toddler)
thanks in advance

As AndRob says Kingston is a very nice small city in eastern Ontario but many of us cannot live where we would like. It could well be that Toronto/Barrie/Waterloo-Kitchener more suit your employment opportunities.
The hotel she mentioned would suit your needs admirably. Do you plan to rent a car? Obviously the easiest way to get around but if not, that hotel is close to the train/bus stations and right on the Toronto Transit System.
What is the main reason for your reccie to these three areas? Is it job seeking, home hunting or just a look around to get the lay of the land?
Barrie and Waterloo are each about 60-90 minutes from Toronto. Barrie is located on Lake Simcoe and has a lot of new homes built in the past few years. Waterloo is the home of the Blackberry communication device and is a desirable area in which to live.
Toronto is the major city in Canada with all the major financial instutions having their head offices here. Lots to see from a tourist perspective, but is a big sprawling place. With the surrounding towns and cities it forms the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). I live in the GTA so can answer questions for you, if desired.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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