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Extension of spouse visa - advice needed for Finance questions

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Dear Board Members,

I am making an application for extension of my wifes spouse visa. She originally got her 33 month spouse visa from Pakistan. I am in the process of filling the online application form and I had a query regarding a couple of things:

1) I have been with the same employer since August 2015. My salary has been £60,000 per year since April 2017 (I had a 1% pay rise in April). The last 6 months payslips do not show the same salary (e.g. the salary from April is higher compared with the salary in the months prior to April). Even so, the salary on all payslips in the last 6 months exceeds the minimum income threshold. I wonder what I should answer to the following question:

What do they earn?

A: The same amount continuously, above the financial requirement amount

B: The same amount continuously, below the financial requirement amount

C: Not the same amount continuously, above the financial requirement amount

D: Not the same amount continuously, below the financial requirement amount

Would the answer be A or would it be C. The answer determines how many months of payslips I need to provide!

2) The second question I had was regarding accommodation. Since her arrival in UK, my wife and I have lived at my parents home. We are living on a rent free basis. My parents themselves are renting the house from a private landlord. I wonder what documents I will need to provide relating to the accommodation?

3) I understand we can use the same English language ILETS test certificate as the one that was accepted in 2014 for the initial spouse visa application in Pakistan?

4) In addition to the above stated salary, I also have cash savings of about £40k for more than 6 months. Is it worth including these as a source of income to be relied upon to meet financial requirement, or would it be best to keep it simple and rely on the salary alone?

Many thanks for your help in advance.
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#1 Even though it seems counter-intuitive, you should tick A. You ignore any pay increase you've received during the period in question, so answer it based on your pre-increase pay.
#2 Their tenancy agreement, letter from landlord permitting you both to stay, their council tax bill/statement or utility bill. Preferably inspection report.
#3 Only if it was passed at A2 or above.
#4 Don't disclose anything else other than your employment income which alone meets the requirement.
Thank you so much Joppa. That is very helpful.
With regards to #2: The date of issue of the council tax bill in 14 March 2017. We also have a Thames Water Bill dated 01 April 2017. Both are in the name of my father. They are paid annually so we do not have a more recent dated letter. I hope this would be okay? The reason I ask is because I've read somewhere that all letters should be dated within 28 days of the application.
Not if it's a yearly or six-monthly bill.
Thanks again Joppa. Is an eP60 (printed online) acceptable? or does this need to be signed and stamped by the employer?
Preferably yes, but since it isn't a required document, just submit as it is.

With regards to bank statements, I understand that they have to be original statements, or electronic statements accompanied by a letter or official bank stamp on every page.

I requested duplicate bank statements to be posted to me by Natwest bank. Instead of the proper bank statement (usually on A5 size paper, with purple background), Natwest have posted an Account Transaction list. This is however on headed paper, and the paper feels thick/heavyweight. Would this be acceptable to the homeoffice without an accompanying letter or stamp?

See image attached.


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Yes, that has been accepted.
Great. Thanks for your guidance, it is much appreciated.
Just a note, when they say "the same amount continuously" they are referring to the frequency of pay - As in, a consistent salary, as opposed to variable or hourly pay rate. It's really terrible wording and you're nowhere near the first person to be tripped up by this verbiage.
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