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my son will be 5 in May 2009 and I think that means he would start school in Aus in Jan 2011, although he started school here in the UK in September 2009. Ideally we are not planning to move to Australia until mid 2011 but we are considering bringing it forward so that he could start school with all the new starters his age.

Can anyone with experience of this share their experiences and advise if they think it would be an enourmous benefit to him to have his first day when everyone else is a new starter, or is he just as likely to cope staring mid way through a school year.

Also given that he started school in the UK in Sept 09 and is alreading doing basic reading writing and maths will schools assess him and look at putting him in a higher year than his age would suggest?

many thanks to anyone who is able to help
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