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First of all since this is my first post...greetings to all :)

I'm opening up this thread since I could not so far find much relevant information in this forum regarding Franchising in Australia. What I'd be mostly interested in is to meet up with people who has experience setting up a franchise in Australia (as a Francisee) and could help me understand what it took.

I'm right now trying to prepare a 10 years business plan and amongst the first steps would want to identify which Franchise type fits me the most. So far I thought of something relatively easy to manage (a Coffee or Sandwich bar kind of unit) so any advice from people with relevant experience would be highly appreciated.

I'm not necessarily looking for business offers but would want simply to learn what it takes to startup such a unit. Financials, permitting, taxation, staffing, operations, you name it.

With that, I thank you in advace,
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