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Experience after ACS assesment

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HI All,

I have been reading various threads on this forum and i must say they are very helpfull for a new aspirant like me. Thanks to all the generous people and experts.

I have a serious query regarding the experience considered by the state or the DIAC after the assesment. I have my ACS assesed with experience of 2 years 10 months . Whereas to apply for state sponsor i they require 3 tears exp . Now, at current time i have completed 3 years experience .

My query is that will the state automatically consider my exp for 3 years or do i have to produce some additional documents.

I request a quick reply as i have to apply asap to beat the 1 july deadline

IELTS 8.5,8.5,7,7

Kindly help !!!!!!!!
thanks in advance!!!!!!
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Don't worry many people have the same issue, simply get a new LATEST employment letter on official letter head from your current employer. DIAC will calculate your experience based on the date of your latest employment letter. As long as you are on the same job and didn't change employers or job title.
Thank you very much JBY I had been thinking about this again and again and getting tensed.
Also, I would be thankful if you help me in clarifying that what about the state sponsor in this case as state has demanded 3 years exp but they have not demanded and employee reference letter . Viktoria has only have demanded ACS in document checklist.
How will they look at this.
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