Better pay and better living conditions are the two main reasons why people are most likely to move to another country, a new poll shows.

Some 38% would move for better pay and 28% would move for better living conditions, according to the global survey carried out by Ipsos MORI in 24 countries.

Half, 50%, of Britons said they are willing to move to another UK city for a job if it pays more, but only around one in three, 26%, said they would move abroad. The survey found Britons are among the least likely to want to relocate within their own country, even if it means a full time job and a pay rise. Only Swedes (39%) are less likely to move within their country while Belgians (48%) and Germans (51%) are as likely as Britons to move to another city.

Swedish people appear to be the most settled, not only are they the least likely to move to another Swedish city, they are also the least likely to move abroad for a better paid job. Three in ten, 30%, Swedes say they are likely to consider the move, the same proportion as in the United States.

Just over a third (36%) of Britons said that they are likely to consider moving abroad for better pay, in line with Germany (35%), Japan (35%), France (37%), Hungary (37%) and Australia (38%).

The most commonly given reason for Britons not wanting to move is because they do not want to leave family and friends behind. Almost half, 45%, of Britons that would not consider a move give this as a reason.

It is interesting to note that among the most likely to consider a move abroad are those in the fast developing countries such as Brazil and India. Some 71% in Brazil and 67% in India said they would be likely to consider moving abroad.
‘We are in a period of great economic unrest and a time when many worry about a lack of jobs or security in their own jobs,’ said Simon Atkinson, assistant chief executive of Ipsos MORI.

‘Despite this, or maybe because of it, many people are unwilling to move for a full time, better paid job. It seems that for many the home comforts of family and friends are too much to leave behind,’ he added.