In a study conducted by, in conjunction with Barclays International Banking , expats that have moved to the USA were found to be the most romantic, registering 13.89% of the overall romance vote from those stating that they moved abroad for love, compared with Great Britain (9.72%), UAE (6.94%), Spain (6.94%), Canada (5.56%) and Greece (5.56%). The study showed that one of the biggest factors for people moving to a new life abroad was romance.

Joint fourth place Greece (5.56%)

It may surprise many to learn that of those who voted for romance as their main reason for moving to a new homeland, 5.56% moved to Greece. When you take into account Greece has had more than its fair share of difficulties over the last few months it does seem that love conquers all in this area of the world. This is an area of the world with immense natural beauty, a history which few other countries in the world can match and a culture which continues to attract significant numbers of expats.

There is some interesting information and advice for those looking to marry for love and move to Greece including: –

"Since my fiance and I are getting married in Greece, I thought I would write a post describing what we've done. It may be of use to someone in the future, if you are in the same situation. I'm not giving advice, just saying what we did.

I'm an American citizen; my fiance is a Greek citizen. I am living in Greece (since June 2009) and we plan to live in Greece permanently. I applied for a 1-yr residence permit back when I got here last summer but I only have the βεβαίωση so far."

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Joint fourth place Canada (5.56%)

Those who have looked at Canada as a potential country in which to start a new life will be well aware of the romance and the intrigue which this area of the world attracts. It seems to have everything from the log cabins to the Mounties, from the snow topped mountains to the relaxed Canadian way of life. As you expect from our Canadian forum there are some nuggets of advice for those looking to move to Canada for love including: –

"My boyfriend and I have been living together here in Denmark since June of 2011. We had planned to move to England but as it happens, there are rules that we have to meet in order for me to be able to live there.

Namely, we need to be married or have lived together for two years. While we have talked about getting married, we really didnt want to have to rush it just for a visa.

I am wondering, if we were to move to Canada for a year or five, does Canada recognize common law partnerships from outside the country? I have read that each province seems to have its own rules about it, but how does that apply to a Canadian and a German?"

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Joint third place Spain (6.94%)

Spain and the Spanish population have for many years now been connected with romance, charm and beautiful places to visit. The country still remains one of the most popular expat destinations and it seems that romance is certainly not dead in Spain with 6.94% of those who voted for romance as their main reason to move overseas having moved to Spain. So what is it about Spain and the Spanish culture which seems to attract more than its fair share of romance and marriages?

There are many reasons why you may wish to move to Spain one of which is covered in the following post: –

"My boyfriend and I are moving to Barcelona at the end of this year. My boyfriend (who is from Zaragoza, Spain) and I are currently residing in the UK (where I am originally from) and he has been offered a local contract within his company in Barcelona.

The reason for this thread is that I being an Irish dance teacher I would like to know if there are any expats and of course Spanish people who would be interested in classes for adults and children?"

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Joint third place UAE (6.94%)

The United Arab Emirates and Dubai in particular have attracted more than their fair share of attention with regards to expats over the last few years. It seems that many have moved for romance and a number of posts in the Dubai section of our forum show how love has blossomed into marriage for many people in the region. It is perhaps the mystery of the region, the romance of the region, the climate and the potential for a very comfortable and very enjoyable lifestyle which is catching the eye of many.

There is some useful information with regards to allowances etc which is covered in the following post: –

"I have been working in the UAE at an oil company for the past 6 contract contains the standard base salary plus allowances.

Last week I got married and now need to move out of my current accommodations to something larger... Can I go to my employer and ask for an increased housing allowance? My contract was negotiated on the basis of me being single, obviously now my expenses have increased considerably...

Many thanks for your inputs in advance!"

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Second place Great Britain (9.72%)

There are very few people who would have put Great Britain as one of the romantic hotspots of the expat community but it seems that an impressive 9.72% of those who voted romance as their main reason actually moved to Great Britain. Whether it is the culture, the multicultural society, the history, the scenery or perhaps it is the overall image and lifestyle in Great Britain which seems something of a catalyst for romance to grow. While there are various regulatory obligations with regards to romantic partnerships with those from overseas, it seems that love really does conquer all in Great Britain and many people will go to extreme lengths to ensure they have the chance to enjoy their life together. One interesting post reveals the dilemma of a US/UK marriage and the easiest route to gain access to the UK for a 3 to five-year stint.

"My boyfriend is a UK citizen (currently living in the UK) and I'm a USA citizen (currently living in NYC). We are thinking of getting engaged soon but wanted to know what makes more sense in terms of one of us making the move.

If we were to get engaged, but wanted to spend the next 3-5 years living in the UK, would it make more sense to get married in the US or the UK for visa purposes? We eventually would like to settle down permanently in the USA.

If we were to obtain a UK fiance visa for me, would we need to get married within 6 months in the UK? Could I work in the UK on that visa? Is sponsorship still the best route to working in the UK (I've already been sponsored in the UK for 3 years).

What would his options be in terms of obtaining a USA working visa?

Please advise!"

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First Place USA (13.89%)

While on the face of it you may be surprised to learn that the USA received the most votes with regards to romance as a reason for moving to a new homeland, there are many attractions. When you take into account the massive multicultural society across the USA this really does take in to account every ethnic group and religious group you could ever think. Then when you take into account the "American way of life" it is perhaps no surprise to learn that it is a very popular destination for those looking for love and looking for a new life.

Obtaining access to the USA for a newly married couple or those in a relationship can sometimes be difficult with some of the details covered in the following post: –

"My apologies if something similar to this has already been asked but I've a fair few threads and posts and haven't found anything yet...

My situation is this - I have an American boyfriend and I want to move there to be with him. I have no university degree yet (I'm currently studying, online), I have no special skills and that also leads to a big, fat 0% chance of me being sponsored by an American company. Is there ANY way at all that I can legally work in America?

I've looked everywhere and can't seem to find anything that suits my situation. Would getting married be our only option? We do want to get married eventually, but preferably not rushed into just so that I can work.

I can be there for the 90 days under the visa waiver program, and I read that after that period I can apply for a B-2 visa to further extend my stay for 6 months (not working of course, just as a holiday visa so I can stay with him for a few months). I was hoping after that time, I could start working, but would prefer to start straight away!

Your replies are very much appreciated!!"

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