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Expats clubs and socials in UAE

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I notice that some countries thrive on expats clubs and socials i.e. German-Emirates Club. Are there any similar British or English speaking clubs?

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What clubs are there and where are they? Linda
Clubs in the Emirates

Most countries I´ve worked in have like British-Emirates Society os similar. Places where the resident expats meet regularly. There only seems to be the golf club in the Emirates and if you don´t play golf you are stuffed !


what kind of clubs r u looking for??
:( sorry I cant help with that....
but if you r looking for british expats, they r easy to find here on the forum

if u r looking for expat in general, i can help :)

British Clubs

OK, but what are they and where are they .....?

all the clubs are british here :)
i am sorry u must have got me wrong, I meant that british expats r easy to find on this forum
just post again with more details and u will get alot of nice ppl to tell you what u need

sure you will get alot of creeps sending u pm :D

good luck
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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