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What you're asking a basically a two-part question.

Can you get an "expat contract" to work in the US? Yeah, probably - since you are a Canadian citizen and technically an "expat." To some extent you would still need certain "expat" considerations, like visa support, moving costs, tax assistance, etc. However, since you aren't coming from the employer's Canadian office, the "expat contract" may or may not use your home country as the basis of reference in their "expat" contract. For example: if the job doesn't work out, where would you expect them to repatriate you to? Switzerland or Canada?

The second part of your question relates to how the US handles job contracts - which is that often there is simply an implied contract. In your case, they would have to deal with the visa issue, and relocation from where you are currently living, but chances are that they'd be more likely to make that part of your offer package, and then put you on the regular "local payroll" when it comes to social insurances (of which there aren't many in the US) and perks like a company car, etc.
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