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I'm in need of advice for my computer-illiterate brother, and any help would be greatly appreciated. Here's the situation in a nutshell. An older US citizen (male, 74) flies into London and enters Ireland through Northern Ireland. Being a US citizen he does not have an actual visa but is bound by the law to stay only three months; you know the scoop. Time passes. He is less and less inclined to go home as planned, being deeply involved in a music project there. He has already overstayed his theoretical 3-month visa. His round trip ticket to/from London is for six months, and by now almost five of them are up.
His questions:
What will happen to him legally if he stays in Ireland for another several months, and then wants to come home to the US? I know the US will let him in, but will Ireland or the UK let him in again when he wants to go back next year? And even if he does leave next month on his scheduled flight back to the US, won't he get in trouble at customs in London when they notice that he entered the EU six months earlier rather than three?
He wants to continue working on his music project and currently feels that he has a better chance of finishing it if he just stays on until he gets ready to come home. He worries that if he comes home as scheduled and then tries to go back in six months, he will be banned from doing so.
I know that none of his options are legal due to the fact of his overstaying his visa in the first place. But can you give any advice? We can't see the forest for the trees. Thank you SO MUCH.
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